Surgery Links

Feel free to submit links you think may be of interest to fellow medical students interested in surgery.

UVA Department of Surgery

Check here for info about the various departments and surgeons here at UVA.

UVA Surgery Research

Many of the 1st years will choose to do research in their first summer--here are some options in the surgery department.

UVA Surgery Clerkship

Check out info regarding the 3rd year Surgery clerkship here at UVA.

Live Online Surgery

Check out this site with frequent live webcasts of cutting-edge operations from medical centers around the country.


This site is the place to go to check out residency and fellowship programs in any specialty.

American College of Surgeons

The premier surgery organization in the world. Look into the benefits of medical student membership!

UVA Orthopaedics Club

If you are interested in the surgical sub-specialty of Orthopaedics, check out what the UVA Orthoclub has to offer.

Medline Surgery Videos

Watch hundreds of different surgeries from the library. Each one lasts 15 minutes to an hour and includes narration by the surgeons.